Expensive, Samsung Galaxy S4 Chance Independent Falls

Expensive, Samsung Galaxy S4 Chance Independent Falls  -Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially sold in Indonesia, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 Price is very expensive in Indonesia, with a smart phone competition is very tight probable price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could drop dramatically in the 4-5 months after its first release in Indonesia.

Latest whiz smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4 began to reveal his true identity in Indonesia. After some time the display in the event ground coffee one operator, this time the selling price of Android with the 8 core brain began to unfold.
Expensive, Samsung Galaxy S4 Chance Independent Falls

Through a promotion from one of the banks in Indonesia, Samsung Galaxy S4 offered at Rp 7.354 million through Citibank credit card payments. Although the stated price was not immediately released official price Samsung, Android market price forecasts sailed 5 inch Full HD is not much different, which is about Rp. 7.5 million.

-Price Rp 7,354,000 for the purchase of the Citibank Credit Card instead of installments / EazyPay.
-Price Rp 7,499,000 for the purchase using the Citibank Credit Card installment facility / EazyPay.

While the time of purchase, the promo information similar to the information conveyed XL via short message sent to some customers. Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4 opened on Thursday (04/18/2013).